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"When all is darkness and every way out is lined with blood and lit with the fires of battle, there is still hope."
- One of Daenyathos's Catechisms Martial.

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Soul Drinker Space Marine; for the Novella, see Daenyathos (Novella).
Daenyathos as a Dreadnought[4]

Daenyathos is a famous Soul Drinker Chaplain. He lived sometime in or around M36 and in his time wrote the Catechisms Martial, which is still used by the Soul Drinkers Chapter and is seen as almost a holy tome to them.[2]

Daenyathos is known to be interred within Dreadnought armour making him the only known Soul Drinkers Dreadnought.[3]

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