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Dahyak Grekh

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Dahyak Grekh[2]

Dahyak Grekh is a Kroot mercenary currently in the employ of Rogue Trader Janus Draik.[1][2]


Born on the world of Akchan-Kur to the Kroot Kharakh-Kar Clan, Grekh is a veteran of many wars across the galaxy. He was sent by his Clan's elders to seek out relics aboard the Seventh Blackstone Fortress.[3a]. Grekh learned the location of the Blackstone Fortress while leading an expedition of drukhari to locate a group of "scholars" of unclear species inside a crashed Warsphere. The drukhari, who were also seeking the Blackstone Fortress, had intended to take Grekh back to Commorragh to torture and vivisect, but underestimated his cunning and were abandoned by him in the heart of the trap filled Warsphere.[4]

Grekh later met Janus Draik and came into his service aboard the Precipice.[3a] Though not trusted by most aboard the Precipice, Grekh takes his contract seriously as all Kroot do. He sees it as his mission to travel further across the stars and absorb the varied genetic traits of those he devours. To betray a client would jeopardize his life's purpose. By devouring the denizens of the Blackstone Fortress, he has learned much of its mysteries[2] He believes that the Blackstone Fortress has a greater purpose that is yet to be achieved.[3b]

Grekh's experiences has contributed greatly to Draik's work on Xenology, the Liber Xenologis.[5]


Dahyak Grekh model from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress