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Daiesthai was the name given to the daemonic force said to have been sealed on the planet Aghoru by the planet's inhabitants.


This page contains spoilers for: A Thousand Sons

In Aghoru mythology, the Daiesthai were the Elohim who succumbed to the corruption brought about by the race's self obsession and wanton excess. The Elohim who remained uncorrupted fought against them and succeeded in defeating them. Unable to destroy them, and with the very last of their strength, they sealed the Daiesthai within an artificially constructed mountain, erecting two giant guardian structures to defend the prison.[1a]

In order to ensure the Daiestai remained sealed, the Aghoru people would annually inter their dead in the valley within the mountain; the sacrifice quenching the insatiable hunger of the force within the mountain for another year.[1a]

Sometime towards the end of the Great Crusade, the 28th Expedition came to Agoru. The Primarch of the Thousand Sons, Magnus, found himself enthralled by the planet's mountain, the tomb of the dormant Daiesthai.[1b] While the Legion was stationed on the world, the Captain of the Thousand Sons Legion's 6th Fellowship, Khalophis, seemingly awoke the force when he struck the base of one of the Guardians.[1a] Once roused, the force manifested as a web of pulsing veins of dark green pollutant; it possessed the valley's guardian Titans, which then attacked the Space Marines. The Titans were eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Magnus, the Thousand Sons, and the Space Wolves, the latter being sent to muster the 28th Expedition to support the campaign in the Ark Reach Cluster.[1c]

Magnus explained that the encountered Daiesthai was in reality a daemon, one of the denizens of the "Great Ocean".[1d]

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