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Daklorn's Knight, Tempered Fury.

Daklorn is an Imperial Knight of House Raven.[1][2]


Baron Daklorn serves as Forge Master in the Exalted Court of Princeps Grevan. Only those Barons with proven loyalty and the highest battlefield honours are asked to join the Exalted Court, and Daklorn had proven himself in both regards many times over. The only external sign of this honour is the crenelated marking upon the tilting plate of his Knight Crusader, Tempered Fury.[1][2]

To the Forge Master falls the defence of the Keep Inviolate, one of the largest strongholds in the Imperium. Amongst his duties are the protection of entire armies of Sacristans and the mustering of the household Knights should the Iron Duke of Kollossi call. When not fighting as part of his Princeps’ Exalted Court, Daklorn leads the Gateguard of the Keep Inviolate.[1][2]