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Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map dal'yth.jpg Name Dal'yth Dal'yth Sept Symbol.png Dalyth.jpg
Expansion: First
Location: Eastern Fringe DalythFW.jpg
Colours: Unknown

Dal'yth is a Major Sept of the Tau Empire established between sometime 606.M38 and 792.M38 during the First Sphere of Expansion.[3a][4]

Sept Information

Before being settled by the Tau Empire, Dal'yth had a wild ecosystem of deep blue foliage and slithering segmented beasts. It was tamed long ago during the First Sphere of Expansion and has been brought into compliance with prime-level colony standards ever since. Because of its high proportion of Water Caste members, Dal'yth has enjoyed beneficial trade agreements and has recently been counted as one of the Nineteen wonders of the Tau Empire.[1]

Today vast hexagonal urban areas cover the planet's surface, where marketplaces flourish, and many embassies are housed. This sept has a disproportionate amount of Water Caste traders. Commander Puretide, hailed by many as the greatest military genius the Fire Caste has ever produced, was born here in 651.M41.[3b]


Dal'yth was the scene of heavy fighting between the Imperium and Tau during the Damocles Crusade.[1] Though Dal'yth was ravaged and many of its colonies and cities were destroyed, it has recovered quickly, thanks to its busy trade ports. Large numbers of aliens can be seen here, alongside Water caste merchants and diplomats.[2a]


Sept Colour
Unspecified, approximately Incubi Darkness[2a]
Armour Colour
Cloth Colour

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