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Damocles Squad

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Damocles Squad is a Notable Squad of the Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter. A highly distinguished unit, they are chiefly known for their actions under the leadership of Brother-Sergeant Priad.


Most of the squad's known history occurs under the leadership of Priad. His predecessor, Raphon, died in action on the world of Rosetta, having already selected Priad as his replacement[1c]. During the action on Rosetta, five years into Priad's tenure as a member of Damocles, the squad fought Chaos Cultists and Traitor Marines and lost three of their number in total. Their next known undertaking was as part of a six-squad force sent to free the world of Eidon from Dark Eldar predation. During the liberation of Eidon City, Damocles squad won great renown by defeating great numbers of the enemy in a single action, a number reckoned to be "A thousand over and again"[1v].

Four years after becoming Squad-Sergeant, Priad led Damocles into action of the Agri World of Ceres, as part of a four-squad undertaking requested by Inquisitor Mabuse. Damocles hunted down and eliminated a nest of Chaos worshipers, including besting a daemon. The undertaking cost them dear, however, with three of their number being killed in action, including Apothecary Memnes[1h] Almost immediately afterward, the squad once again faced Chaos predation; this time it was inside their own Fortress Monastery. Another undertaking against the Chaotic powers had resulted in the almost-total destruction of Ridates Squad, and the return of a secretly possessed member of Thebes Squad. Priad was able to track down the daemon and ensure it's destruction, as well as secure new recruits for his squad, including Apothecary Khiron.[1m]

The first mission of the reconstituted squad, originally intended to be ceremonial, once again involved combating the forces of Chaos, when a cult attempted to awaken a daemon on the world of Iorgu during the coronation of the planet's new ruler. Alerted to the cult's plans by Inquisitor Mabuse, Damocles was able to eliminate the cult and prevent the daemon's ascension.[1p]

Twelve years after Priad became the squad's commander, Damocles almost missed out on the greatest undertaking their Chapter had undertaken inside his lifetime, when the Sergeant refused to sanction the squad fit for duty after the death of a petitioner in their care during a training exercise on Ithaka. Forcing them to undergo a period of punishment, Priad only relented and placed the squad on active duty after taking the advice of the Chapter Librarian, Petrok. Damocles was sent as part of a relief force to the world of Ganahedarak, which was suffering under a massive Ork invasion. The relief force combated the greenskins heavily, breaking through their lines and allowing the initial Iron Snakes forces - which by now had become besieged and in danger of destruction - to withdraw. While the action was successful, the world was not cleansed of Orks and several of the members of Damocles were wounded.[1q]

Thanks to Petrok's divinations, the Iron Snakes were able to discover that the Orks were searching for a sacred relic, lost in the Reef Stars a dozen years earlier, upon the world of Baal Solock during one of Priad's first missions as an Iron Snake. Damocles was sent to the world to recover the relic, the skull of a famous Ork Warlord, and with this item, the Iron Snakes were able to eventually win the campaign against the Ork invaders.[1u]

During the liberation of Urdesh in 791.M41 Damocles Squad under Priad served as guardians of the reincarnated Saint Sabbat.[3] [4]

Known Squad Members

  • Brother-Sergeant Priad — Priad saw action with Damocles squad three times before his fateful first mission to Baal Solock, an undertaking that took place roughly one year into his ascension into the squad[1a]. His promotion to Squad-Sergeant came in his fifth year as an Astartes, having been selected and groomed for the position by Raphon almost from the first moment he entered squad Damocles.[1c]
  • Brother-Sergeant Raphon — Priad's predecessor, fatally wounded by a Dark Tusks Chaos Space Marine upon Rosetta.[1c]
  • Brother-Apothecary Memnes — More than twice Priad's age and sported a shaved head and grey beard. Killed in action on Ceres.[1l]
  • Brother-Apothecary Khiron — The sole survivor or Ridates Squad, Khiron was recruited into Damocles after the undertaking on Ceres.[1o]
  • Brother Aekon
  • Brother Andromak — Bearer of the squad's Plasma Gun, its standard[1e] and a fairly constant smiling expression.
  • Brother Calignes — Sharp and roguish of features, with black eyes. Lynched by Chaos cultists on Ceres.[1l]
  • Brother Chilles — Slew a notable water-wyrm, scales of which he attached to the belt of his armour. Killed by a Dark Tusk Chaos Space Marine on Rosetta[1d]
  • Brother Dyognes — Tall and slender, with his hair tied back in a short knot.[1n] Badly wounded on Ganahedarak.[1s]
  • Brother Illyus — Considered handsome by Astartes standards, despite losing an eye to enemy fire on Eidon[1g]. Killed by a daemon on Ceres.[1k]
  • Brother Kules — The shortest and most heavy-set of the squad, with long dark hair.[1i]
  • Brother Maced — Killed by a Dark Tusk Chaos Space Marine on Rosetta[1b]
  • Brother Natus — Lost his left arm to enemy fire on Eidon,[1g] which was replaced with a bionic.[1j] Lost both his eyes to an Ork in close-combat on Ganahedarak. These were replaced with a crude augmetic implant, allowing him to re-enter combat as soon as possible.[1s][1t]
  • Brother Pindor — Hawk-featured, with deep-set eyes.[1j]
  • Brother Scyllon
  • Brother Xander — The tallest of Priad's iteration of the squad, with golden eyes. Bears a scar from a wound that would have killed him if not for the intervention of Brother ‘‘‘Maced[1d]. Selected by Priad to act as his second, and act as his successor.[1r]

Other known squad Sergeants include Pheus, Berrios, Sartes, Dyse and of course, Damocles, the first ever commander of the squad which came to bear his name. The Sergeant of the squad bears a ceremonial Lightning Claw, which originally belonged to Damocles himself, and is passed down to each subsequent unit commander. The claw was used by Raphon when he killed a daemon on Brontax, Pheus when he killed a Chaos Dreadnought, and Dysse when he tore out the heart of warlord Grondal.[1f]


It has not yet been confirmed whether the Ultramarines are the Primogenitors of the Iron Snakes, however, an Ultramarines Captain named Saur Damocles is mentioned as being present at the Battle of Calth, during the Horus Heresy.[2] Whether this Damocles was the founder of Damocles Squad has not yet been confirmed.