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Danicha Hest

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Danicha Hest is an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor who seeks to kill the Heretical Inquisitor, Vincenze Farradocias Kazymar.[1]

Her hunt for Kazymar began, when Hest witnessed the Prr'xakkatos Daemonhost being unleashed on Jhorvia V. The Agri World had been invaded by the Festerlung Brotherhood Warband, which was then attacked by the Prr'xakkatos soon after Inquisitor Kazymar's arrival there. When Kazymar's Cruiser, Blade Inevitable, then attempted to destroy the invaders with an orbital barrage, Inquisitor Hest intervened. Under her command, the Imperial Navy Battleship Hammerblow drove off the Cruiser and Agri World was left to its Chaos invaders. Hest meanwhile began to investigate Kazymar's connection to the summoning of the Prr'xakkatos, which led her to the Blessed Daemon Cult. Before the Cult was destroyed by her forces, Hest gained a confession of Kazymar's guilt and she now seeks to kill the fallen Inquisitor. However while Hest knows Kazymar is guilty, she thinks he truly believed that his action were helping the Imperium. The Inquisitor has told her Interrogator, Thorfas, that there is a lesson to learn from Kazymar's heresy, if they wish to avoid his fate.[1]

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