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Dantarian was an Imperial Fists Captain, who in M41 led his Chapter's Anvil of Dorn strike force in a boarding attack against a Space Hulk, that appeared in the western fringe of the Segmentum Solar. Once aboard they clash with Manat, a Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerer of the Cult of Time, who uses his powers to mutate the Space Hulk's corridors, to attack the Imperial Fists. The strike force fights its way through these attacks though and Manat dies at Dantarian's hands. However the Sorcerer's death causes a crack of aetheric power and Dantarian's strike force find themselves back on their Strike Cruiser, preparing to board Manat's Space Hulk as though for the first time. Only an unquiet flicker buried deep within each Imperial Fists' psyche suggests they have done this before, and none can determine why they seem to have sustained so many casualties before even engaging the enemy. Nonetheless the strike force boards Manat's Space Hulk again and then proceed to battle Sorcerer seven more times. Each attempt ends the same way though, as Manat's death always transports the Imperial Fists back to the moment before they boarded the Sorcerer's Space Hulk. The strike force suffers losses on each attempt and on the ninth boarding attack, only Captain Dantarian remains to confront the Sorcerer to be killed by a laughing Manat.[1]