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Danzek is a Cadian Lieutenant of an Armoured Company whose Regiment is currently taking part in the War of Beasts on Vigilus.

His Company was among the Imperial forces defending the Oteck Hivesprawl from Genestealer Cult attacks when the Chaos Lord Haarken Worldclaimer gave his proclamation that Vigilus would fall to the Black Legion in 80 days. In the mayhem that followed, the Astra Militarum Regiments on Vigilus were ordered to protect the Hive cities from the imminent Chaos invasion, but Danzek received entirely different orders from his superiors. The Arch-pedant Gunther Henk had been left terrified by the Worldclaimer's words and used his influence to have Danzek's Company escort him to the more secure Hyperia Hivesprawl, where Henk felt he would be safe from the approaching Chaos forces. Though Danzek disagreed with his orders, the Lieutenant did as he was commanded and prepared for the long journey between the two Hivesprawls. Right away however, he was faced with the reality that his Company had suffered heavy losses while defending the Otek Hivesprawl and they would be easy prey for any force that attacked them. He quickly requested reinforcements, but due to the massive battles erupting against the Genestealer Cults invading the Hivesprawl, the reinforcements either became engaged in battles they could not disengage from, were re-routed elsewhere, or were destroyed before they could reach Danzek. When the Lieutenant finally received word that some reinforcements were nearby, he became discouraged when he realized they would not reach the Company, before Arch-pedant Henk's deadline to leave had passed. While the Lieutenant wished to wait for the reinforcements, he was outranked by Henk and was forced to order his Company to begin the journey to Hyperia. Danzek could only hope that due to his Company's small size, they would not draw the attention of the numerous enemy forces infesting Vigilus.[1]