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Dark Cells

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The Dark Cells,[1] or Black Cells[2], are oubliettes deep beneath the Imperial Palace on Terra.[2]


These cells are containing entities and artefacts of Old Night that could annihilate the Imperium if they were ever to break free. The newly emerged threats of the galaxy that must be imprisoned therein are also added to the Dark Cells. Guarded by a Shield Host of Adeptus Custodes known as the Shadowkeepers, their security includes rune locks, wards, and sanctic circles throughout corridors patrolled by a hundred Custodians at all times. Although neither light nor sound can escape the cells, the air of dread puts even Custodians on edge.[1] Not all of the prisoners are truly alive, but all have anima.[3a]

When the Great Rift opened, some of the Dark Cells were discovered suddenly to be empty.[1] Those Shadowkeepers who had been patrolling the cells at the time were found slain.[3a]

Known Prisoners and Relics

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