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Dark Eldar Weaponry (List)

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Dark Eldar military technology is extremely advanced, with basic weaponry placing an emphasis on maiming an opponent rather then killing. Heavier weapons are capable of mass-devastation through advanced arcane sciences.

Close combat weapons

Close combat weapons
Weapon name Weapon type Notes
Agoniser Powered Weapons
Archite Glaive
Demiklaives Powered Weapons
Djin Blade Powered Weapons
Electrocorrosive Whip Powered Weapons
Flesh Gauntlet Close Combat Weapons Haemonculi weapon, Poisonous
Glimmersteel Blade Close Combat Weapon Mandrake weapon
Grav-talon Vehicle Weapon Jetbike Mounted
Haemonculus Tools Close Combat Weapon Haemonculus weapon
Hekatarii Blades Close Combat Weapon Wych weapons
Hellglaive Close Combat Weapons
Husk Blade Powered Weapons
Hydra Gauntlets Close Combat Weapons Wych weapon[1]
Ichor Injector Talos weapon
Impaler Close Combat Weapons Wych weapon[1]
Klaive Powered Weapons
Mindphase Gauntlet Close Combat Weapons Haemonculi weapon
Monomolecular Blade Close Combat Weapons
Power Weapon Powered Weapons
Punisher Powered Weapons
Punch Dagger Close Combat Weapons Wych weapon
Razorflails Close Combat Weapons Wych weapon[1]
Scissorhand Close Combat Weapons Haemonculi weapon, Poisonous
Shaimeshi Blade Close Combat Weapon Lhamaean weapon, Poisonous
Shardnet Electrified Weapon Wych Weapon
Shock Prow Ram Vehicle-mounted
Vambrace Blade Close Combat Weapons Wych weapon
Venom Blade Close Combat Weapons Poisonous
Wych Weapons Close Combat Weapons

Ranged weapons

Basic ranged weapons

Basic ranged weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Blaster Dark Matter Weaponry
Blast Pistol Dark Matter Weaponry
Bloodstone Incubus weapon
Destructor Acid Haemonculi weapon
Haywire Blaster Electro-magnetic
Heat Lance Melta/Las
Hexrifle Biological Haemonculi weapon
Liquifier Gun Acid
Phantasm Grenade Launcher Grenade
Shardcarbine Splinter Weaponry Poisonous
Shredder Mono-filament
Splinter Pistol Splinter Weaponry Poisonous
Splinter Rifle Splinter Weaponry Poisonous
Splinter Pod Splinter Weaponry
Stinger Pistol Needler Poisonous
Terrorfex Grenade

Heavy ranged weapons

Heavy ranged weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Cluster Caltrop Mine Jetbike Mounted
Dark Lance Dark Matter Weaponry
Dark Scythe[3] Vehicle mounted
Disintegrator Cannon Plasma Weapons
Horrorfex Grenade Vehicle Mounted
Implosion Missile Vehicle Mounted
Pulse-Disintegrator Subatomic weapon Vehicle Mounted
Monoscythe Missile Vehicle Mounted
Necrotoxin Missile Chemical Weapon Vehicle Mounted
Shatterfield Missile Vehicle Mounted
Splinter Cannon Splinter Weaponry Poisonous
Stinger Pod Talos weapon
Storm Vortex Projector[2] Electro-magnetic Vehicle Mounted
Torment Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher Vehicle mounted
Void Lance Energy Weapon Vehicle Mounted
Void Mine Darklight Weapon Aircraft Mounted


Name Notes
Haywire Grenades
Plasma Grenades
Venomous Shardbomb
Wraithbone Grenades Used in the Terrorfex launcher
Xenospasm Grenades Used in the Terrorfex launcher


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Blood Glaive Glaive [4a]
Dancer's Edge Polearm [4c]
Flensing Blade Haemonculi weapon [4b]
Khaïdesi Haemovore Haemonculi weapon
Last Breath sword [5]
Parasite's Kiss Splinter Pistol [4b]
Poisoner's Ampule Haemonculus weapon [4a]
Soul Seeker [4a]
Spirit-sting Stinger Pistol [4b]
Traitor's Embrace Wych Weapon [4a]
The Triptych Whip Agoniser [4b]

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