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Dark Father

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Dark Father is the mysterious leader of the Incubi sect of Dark Eldar.[1]


The Dark Father is the head of the Incubi sect, and is thus the most powerful Incubus in existence, due to the manner in which seniority is decided in Commorragh. It is believed that Arhra, founder of the Eldar Aspect of the Striking Scorpions is the original Dark Father, although this cannot be confirmed. In the event that Arhra did found the Incubi sect, it likewise cannot be confirmed that he was not killed by one of his students, and thus overthrown as Dark Father.

The argument for Arhra being the founder of the Incubi is based primarily on the fact that Eldar refer to Arhra specifically as "The Fallen Phoenix", and refer to Incubi as "Fallen Warriors", stating that their Dark Father had, "Turned from the light into the shadows". This, coupled with the great similarities between the Incubi Tormentor Helms and the Striking Scorpion's Mandiblasters, and the aesthetic similarity of the scorpion stylings between both warriors lead most to this conclusion, although it has never been confirmed.