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Dark Heresy: Book of Judgement

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Dark Heresy: Book of Judgement
Released 2011
Pages 140
ISBN ISBN 9781589947603


The Calixis Sector is plagued with heretics, recidivists, and the unworthy...and they all dwell beneath the faithful servants of the God-Emperor, eroding the backbone of the Imperium's war machine. Whether it is a planetary noble skimming off the top, or a seditious terrorist planning the destruction of an entire Hab-block, it is the Adeptus Arbites who bring them to judgement.

Book of Judgement is a guide to crime and punishment in the Calixis Sector, and provides a powerful resource for Dark Heresy campaigns that feature Imperial Law as a story foundation. This detailed supplement contains new rules, backgrounds, alternate careers, and equipment for playing Acolytes with legal authority or a criminal past, and provides players with information about the Adeptus Arbites' mission to bring order to the Calixis Sector. Game Masters of all experience levels will find expanded Investigation rules and a new adventure, Jurisdiction, that plunges the Acolytes into a conflict between three of the Imperium's most powerful organisations.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: Calixian Law
  • Chapter II: Bound To Law
  • Chapter III: Arbites Armoury
  • Chapter IV: Investigation
  • Chapter V: Calixian Most Wanted
  • Chapter VI: Jurisdiction


  • Lead Developer
Mack Martin
  • Written and Developed by
Graham Davey, Robert Dempsey, Mathew Farrer, Tim Flanders, Ian Hardin, Tim Huckelberry,
Charles May, Kevin Rubitsky, Sam Stewart and Ross Watson
  • Editing
David Johnson
  • Proofreading
Charles May & Onawa Wyatt
  • Dark Heresy Designed by
Owen Barnes, Kate Flack, and Mike Mason
  • Graphic Design
Kevin Childress, Chris Beck, and Mark Raynor
  • Cover Art
Sascha Diener
  • Interior Art
Even Mehl Amundsen, A.L. Ashbaugh, Jacob Atienza, Alberto Bontempi, Matt Bradbury,
Wes Clendinning, Ame En, Zach Graves, David Griffith, Tomasz Jedruszek,
Toni Justamente, Jason Juta, Daniel Lapham, Jesse McGibney, Marco Morte, David Nash,
German Nobile, Arkady Roytman, Mark Smith, Florian Stitz, Liu Yang
  • Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro
  • Production Manager
Eric Knight
  • FFG Liscensing Coordinator
Deb Beck
  • Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka
  • Executive Game Producer
Michael Hurley
  • Publisher
Christian T� Petersen

Games Workshop

  • Licensing Managers
Owen Rees and John French
  • Head of Licensing
Jon Gillard
  • Head of Licensing, Legal and Strategic Projects
Andy Jones
  • Head of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett
  • Special Thanks
"Playtest Coordinator" - Ronald DeValk, "Furnace of Destiny" - Ryan Powell with Max Hardenbrook
"The Librarians" - Pim Mauve with Joris Voogd, Jan-Cees Voogd, Keesjan Kleef and Gerlof Woudstra
"No Guts No Glory!" - Sean Connor, Stephen Pitson, Adam Lloyd, Aaron McManus-Wood,
Simon Tierney "Highest Bidders - Jordan "Milly" Millward, Keri Harthoorn, Kyle Harthoorn,
Kieren Smith and Julia Smith Matthew “H.B.M.C." Eustace

Publication Details

  • ISBN 9781589947603