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Dark Hunters: Umbra Sumus (Novel)

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Dark Hunters: Umbra Sumus
Dark Hunters - Umbra Sumus Cover.jpg
Author Paul Kearney
Publisher Black Library
Released February 2015
Editions 2015 hardback:
ISBN 9781849708449

Dark Hunters: Umbra Sumus is a Black Library novel by Paul Kearney. It was released on February 6, 2015.

Cover Description

The Space Marines of the Dark Hunters, descendants of the White Scars and their savage primarch Jaghatai Khan, are called to battle on the world of Ras Hanem, a world they thought long since liberated from the grip of heresy and returned to Imperial rule. Many years ago, the Dark Hunters defeated the traitor warband known as the Punishers on that world, in a conflict that left deep wounds in the Chapter. But now the Punishers have returned, seeking vengeance upon their would-be destroyers. Captain Jonah Kerne of Mortai Company is sent to annihiliate the traitors once and for all, but the cost of victory may be too high for him to bear...

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