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Dark Muses

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The Dark Muses were a collection of lesser Eldar powers that represented carnal and selfish vice within their pantheon. Clandestine worship of the Muses contributed to the demise of the Eldar gods during the Fall. They along with Kaela Mensha Khaine remain as the powers that the Dark Eldar continue to respect, if not worship, as the Dark Eldar rarely worship anybody other than themselves. The other Eldar gods are looked upon with scorn and as undeserving of existence for their demise at the hands of Slaanesh.[1a]

Worship of these beings started in the year c. M19-M24 where the traditional worship of the Eldar Gods began to wane as new sects and societies began to rise in power. This culminated in the formation of the Dark Muses who became synonymous with sensual sin and vice who became of the unofficial figureheads of the new order that began to form in Port Commoragh in the Webway.[1b] These consisted of vaunted warriors and dark artists, whose skills the Dark Eldar intended to learn more of, for their own selves. Thus the Dark Muses were formed from the mighty Dark Eldar from ancient times who became folkloric figures who epitomised a particular vice and indirectly led to the Fall.[1c]

Some of the better known Dark Muses include:

Whilst not a member of their ranks, it was thought that Asdrubael Vect would one day become one of the Dark Muses.[1d] Following his assassination and rebirth, Vect formally declared himself a Living Muse.[3]