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Darrion Rauth

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Deathwatch Space Marine; for the Iron Hands Space Marine, see Arven Rauth.

Darrion Rauth is a member of Deathwatch Kill-team Talon.


A member of the Exorcists Chapter, Rauth was referred to as Watcher. Rauth did not like his nickname, and often disagreed with the person who had come up with it, Siefer Zeed. As a member of the Exorcists, Watcher had practically no discernable warp-signature, something that long-confused Scholar. Rauth's secret role in the squad - to act as Karras' soulguard - was the root cause of his nickname; he was less than subtle in following Sigma's inferences that he was to keep an eye on Talon Alpha; the others had noticed that he hardly let him out of his sight. His natural distrust of psykers, and the potential for him to act as Karras' executioner at any time, placed a certain amount of strain on their relationship.[1]

Rauth's origin as an Exorcist proved invaluable on at least one occasion; he was stuck full-on by a powerful psychic attack launched by Balthazong Bludwrekk and survived, while most other mortals would have had their soul shriven from their body. His presence was then able to aid Karras in overcoming the perils of losing control of his own psychic power.[1]

Craggy-featured and battle-scarred, Rauth did not actually want to carry out his ultimate sanctioning of Karras; whatever disgust he felt for psykers, not only did he reckon Karras to be a loyal Space Marine of the Emperor, he owed him his life.[1]