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Dataslate: Cypher - Lord of the Fallen (Background Book)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Background supplement; for the Novel, see Cypher: Lord of the Fallen (Novel).

Dataslate: Cypher - Lord of the Fallen
Publisher Black Library
Series Dataslates (Background Books)
Preceded by Dataslate: Reclusiam Command Squad (Background Book)
Followed by Dataslate: Tyrannic War Veterans (Background Book)
Released December 2013
Editions 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782534549

Dataslate: Cypher - Lord of the Fallen is a background book.

Cover Description

The individual known as Cypher is one of the greatest mysteries in the war-torn future. His motives and methods are inscrutable. The few who even know of his existence are unsure if he Mankind's bitterest enemy, or a lost pilgrim seeking atonement. Cypher is a being wrapped in shadow, an entity whose every move is cloaked in mystery. The Dark Angels have sought out Cypher since the fall of Caliban – their old homeworld. Over those many millennia, they have caught up with their quarry many times, but each time Cypher has inexplicably eluded them.

Rumours and legends about Cypher follow wherever he appears – and that can be anywhere across the galaxy. He has been sighted in each of the Imperium's five segmentum, materialising as if from nowhere. Wherever he surfaces, he brings with him death and destruction, although whether he is the culprit or merely a herald of woe is often unclear. And wherever Cypher turns up, more of the mysterious Fallen Dark Angels are sure to follow.

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