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Dataslate: Eldar Ghost Warriors (Background Book)

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Dataslate: Eldar Ghost Warriors
Ghost Warriors Cover.jpg
Publisher Black Library
Series Dataslates (Background Books)
Preceded by Dataslate: Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing (Background Book)
Followed by Dataslate: Reclusiam Command Squad (Background Book)
Released December 2013
Editions 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782534365

Dataslate: Eldar Ghost Warriors is a Games Workshop background book.

Cover Description

Ghost Warriors are called to war only in times of great need, the Eldar reluctant to disturb the slumber of their ancestors. However, as the Eldar's numbers dwindle and their foes grow strong, the Farseers and Warlocks must seek out the dead to do battle in their stead.