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Dave Gallagher

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"Brother Gallagher"[1]

Dave Gallagher is an artist for Games Workshop. His bio on the Black Library website states -

"David Gallagher is one of Games Workshop's most long-standing and talented artists who's work has been used on more game and publication covers than any other. He has rendered some of the most action-packed and visually striking representations of the warriors of the never-ending war of the far future and the conflict-torn fantasy world and now these illustrations have been collected into one awesome full-colour volume. " [3]


Hailing from Scotland, Dave Gallagher was trained at the Dundee College from Art. He honed his painting skills with studies of wildlife, natural history and the human form. Working for Games Workshop since the 1980s, Dave has continued to be one of the companies most prolific artists, creating many iconic images used on games, books, White Dwarf covers and more.[2]


Dave Gallagher c.1989 [2]

Selected works include -

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