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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Davin Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Davin System[3]
Population: None[4]
Affiliation: Unknown[4], formerly Imperium
Class: Dead World[4], former Feral World
Tithe Grade: None[4]

Davin was the prime world of the solar system of the same name, conquered during the Great Crusade by Warmaster Horus and the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet. It was the eighth world conquered by the fleet, and so for a time had the designation Sixty-Three Eight.

It is principally known for being the world on which Horus made his pact with the Chaos powers. This event took place in the Temple of the Serpent Lodge, where he was treated for injuries incurred while quashing a rebellious force on Davin's moon.


Davin's known history only covers the brief time of (supposed) planetary compliance to Imperial rule. The indigenous warriors briefly attempted to resist Imperial takeover, but quickly surrendered, completely outclassed in military terms. The warrior tribespeople were allowed to remain mostly intact after they surrendered to the Imperial forces, as they had impressed Horus with their battlefield courage and their willingness to learn and adapt to a new way of life. The actual military campaign on Davin was short, and the Luna Wolves left soon after the surrender of the Davinite warriors, taking with them their concept of the warrior-lodge. The re-education and shepherding of the people into the light of the Imperial Truth was left to a detachment of the Word Bearers Legion led by Kor Phaeron[1a], while governorship of the planet itself was given to Commander Eugen Temba.[1b]

Sixty years later, Horus and the 63rd Expedition returned to Davin, at the behest of Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers[2], who reported that Commander Temba and his forces had gone renegade and had holed up on Davin's Moon. Horus led an assault force to the moon personally, where his forces were confronted by the reanimated remains of Temba's garrison. Horus slew the grossly altered Temba himself, but was gravely wounded doing so. He was eventually 'healed' in the Temple of the Serpent Lodge on Davin proper.[1] This act, overseen by Erebus, corrupted Horus and set the stage for the Horus Heresy.[4]

Following the corruption of Horus, the corrupted populace of Davin spread throughout the Imperium to spread the influence of Chaos. During the formation of the Ruinstorm, the world became the nexus of the Warp Storm and was enclosed by a massive sphere made of the bones of trillions of organisms. Now a world of madness, Davin was visited several years later by the combined fleets of Sanguinius, Roboute Guilliman, and Lion El'Jonson as they attempted to breach the Ruinstorm and reach Terra. All three Primarchs, as well as the captive Konrad Curze, visited the world and stood at the same temple where Horus had been corrupted. However, Davin was revealed to be the realm of the Daemon Madail, and a massive battle between the forces of Chaos and Imperium broke out both above and on the world. During the battle, the Primarchs were able to evacuate and destroyed Davin with Cyclonic Torpedoes.[4]

Geography and Planetary Conditions

Classed as a Feral World, Davin's deserts contain many ruins that indicate that it could once have supported a more advanced culture. Davin also possesses notably high mountain ranges, riven with tomb-filled, deep valleys, that descend into wide savannahs and grasslands that in turn run into the deserts. Great numbers of horned beasts migrate across the plains, hunted by razor-fanged predators, while serpents are common in the deserts. The uplands have earth of a hard clay that supports scrub vegetation and tall trees, while the river valleys are more fertile and contain the townships that hold most of the primitive human inhabitants of the world. Those that do not live in the townships are likely members of one of the various nomadic tribes. The indigenous inhabitants include a fierce warrior caste that regularly warred with one another before the arrival of the Imperium. This warrior caste were organised into different warrior-lodges that each venerated a particular form of local predator species.[1][Needs Citation]

Davin's Moon

Appearing to be dirty yellow/brown coloured from orbit, Davin's Moon was originally charted as being similar to Davin in atmosphere and climate. Some time after the Imperial pacification of Davin the warping effects of the Chaos powers, particularly that of Nurg-leth (Nurgle), grossly altered the ecosystem. Most of the forestation vanished, and much of the moorland turned into particularly noxious and fog-bound swamp which eventually would conceal the mass-graves of the Imperial garrison. A significant landmark was created by the wreck of the large Imperial spaceship, the Glory of Terra.[1c] After the destruction of Eugen Temba, Nurgle's power seemed to be withdrawn from the world, making it somewhat less foul in general as well as clearing most of the murk and fog from the atmosphere.[1d]

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