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Dawnbreaker Cohort[2]

The Dawnbreakers were elite Assault Marines used by the Blood Angels during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

Even within a Legion known for its Jump infantry and assault tactics, the Dawnbreaker Cohorts stood apart. These warriors were chosen from amongst the most experienced and daring of the Legion's assault squads, trained and equipped to act as the tip of the spear of the Blood Angels. The Dawnbreakers had only one purpose in battle, to sunder the enemy lines and tear the heart from its formation. These Space Marines emphasized not only martial excellence, but also the symbolic nature of their role, bringing light and justice to even the most hellish warzones.[1]

Dawnbreakers were armed with Falling Star Pattern Power Lances, Power Swords, and Grenade dischargers.[1]