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Death's Head of Duke Olaks

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Death's Head of Duke Olaks is a Daemon Weapon of Nurgle.[1]

Duke Olaks was once a proud leader of an ancient people who foolishly ordered his scientists to formulate an elixir to make him immortal. It was with great delight that Nurgle bestowed upon him a terrible wasting sickness for his arrogance. So torturous was the incurable contagion’s effect on the duke’s undying body that Olaks demanded his scientists develop an antidote to the elixir so that death could finally free him from his eternal torment. Though they dutifully succeeded in this venture, Nurgle was far from finished with his newest plaything. Duke Olaks’ head now serves as a potent weapon that can be cast among the Lord of Decay’s enemies to spread the very same plague that once afflicted its long-dead owner.[1]