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Death's Shepherd (Short Story)

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Death's Shepherd
Author Andy Smillie
Publisher Black Library
Released May 2013
Pages 5
Collected in The Black Library Anthology
Trial by Blood
Flesh Tearers
Editions 2016 eShort
ISBN: 978-1-78572-146-5

Death's Shepherd is a Flesh Tearers short story by Andy Smillie. It was first published in May 2013 on Black Library's Facebook page, in addition to it's website, as part of the Thank You for 40,000 Likes event.[1]

Black Library Description

"Years ago, the now long dead Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, Amit, did cleanse the Zurcon system in the name of Cretacia and the Emperor. It has taken centuries, but Zurcon has again turned to heresy. A Chaplain leads the rebellion against the traitors, a force comprised of Zurconians still loyal to the Throne, turning his rage on the betrayers and every soul who has erred in his duty." [2]


On the planet Zurcon, a Flesh Tearer Chaplain leads the 50 remaining loyalist troopers on a final charge against the rebellious Zurconian royalty, ensuring no one survives but him.[3]


After a year of fighting alongside Zurconian loyalists in a rebellion claiming 400,000,000, a Flesh Tearer Chaplain prepares the remaining troopers for their final battle. Wielding farming implements and using Lasguns as clubs, the chaplain rouses the 50 ammo-starved, murderous loyalists for a fervorous and final charge against the trenches of what remains of the traitorous royal houses of Zurcon.[3a] Charging, loyalists dying around him, the Flesh Tearer breaches the enemy trench, pulverising all those in his path. All over in seven minutes,[3b] three loyalists remain and regroup with the chaplain, who informs them that by allowing the royals to rebel, they dishonoured the freedom won for them by Amit, centuries ago; in honour of Amit and theCretacian blood spilled for that freedom, the chaplain murders the surviving troopers for failing to do their duty.[3c]


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