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Death Guard Armoury

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For specific and named wargear used by the Death Guard.


Name Type Notes Sources
Balesword Melee Weapon
Blight Grenades Grenade
Blight Launcher Grenade Launcher
Bubotic Axe Melee Weapon
Corrupted Staff Force Weapon
Cursed Plague Bell
Father of Blades Melee Weapon
Flail of Corruption Melee Weapon
Great Plague Cleaver Melee Weapon
Injector Pistol
Libertas Power Sword Wielded by Nathaniel Garro [1b]
Mace of Contagion Melee Weapon
Manreaper Power Scythe [1c]
Mephitic Perdition of Flies Power Fist Wielded by Solun Decius [2]
Pandemic Staff
Plague Belcher
Plague Knife Melee Weapon
Plaguereaper Power Weapon
Plague Spewer
Plague Sprayer Used by Foul Blightspawn
Plaguespurt Gauntlet
Plague Sword Melee Weapon
Poxwalker Hive


Name Type Notes Sources
The Barbaran Plate Artificer Armour Worn by Mortarion [3]


Name Type Notes Sources
Allwyther Balesword [4]
Ague Stone [4]
Books of Woe Daemonic Tome [5a]
Epidemicyst Blade Sword [4]
Ferryman's Scythe Plaguereaper [4]
Fugaris' Helm War helm
Ironclot Furnace Power armor [4]
Plague Skull of Glothila
Daemon's Favour [4]
Daemon's Toll Bell [4]
Dolorous Knell
Destroyer Hive Weapon Used by Typhus
Lantern Energy pistol Wielded by Mortarion [1a]
Leechspore Casket [4]
Putrid Periapt Amulet [4]
Rotskull Bomb Blight Grenade [4]
Suppurating Plate Armour [5b]
Silence Power Scythe Wielded by Mortarion [3]
Tollkeeper [3]
Vomitryx Plague Sprayer [4]
Wormspitter Bolt Pistol [4]


Name Type Notes Sources
Plaguereaper Super-Heavy Tank
Foetid Bloat-Drone Daemon Drone
Myphitic Blight-Hauler Tank
Plagueburst Crawler Artillery Tank
Blight Drone Daemon drone

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