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Death Korps Engineers

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Death Korps Engineers are the combat engineers of the Death Korps of Krieg regiments of the Imperial Guard. While all Guardsmen in the Death Korps are trained in aspects of siege warfare, it is the members of the Engineer Korps who specialise in large engineering works necessary to break through enemy trench lines. They have particularly expertise in subterranean warfare such as digging saps or counter-mining the enemy's own tunnels.[1c]


Death Korps engineers operate in dedicated companies,[1a] but can also be parceled out in smaller units to other formations. The basic work team is a five-man squad consisting of a Watchmaster and four Engineers. These work teams can also be combined into larger ten-man units when necessary.[1d]


Engineer uniforms are largely similar to the standard uniform of Death Korps infantry, except the long overcoat has been replaced with a short tunic jacket for better maneuverability in the tight confines of a tunnel network. Likewise engineers wear heavy Carapace Armour similar to that worn by Death Korps Grenadiers, including a helmet, a breastplate modified to carry a powerful light source, shoulder guards and abdomen plates, though kneepads are worn in place of shin guards. Their type VI respirator is likewise a modification of the type V, utilising twin air-lines and a separate oxygen source allowing them to operate in any atmospheric conditions, and their respirator masks are fitted with a monocular infra-red night vision eyepiece for fighting in total darkness.[1b]

Standard weapon for the Engineer is a shotgun, in particular the Lucius pattern Mk 22c, a semi-automatic shotgun perfect for clearing tunnels or trenches. Krak and Frag grenades are also standard for use in close-quarters combat, as are sword-bayonets issued to regular Guardsmen, though their shotguns do not feature bayonet lugs. Engineers are also authorized and trained to use melta-bombs, demolition charges, and small gas canisters containing lethal acidic gas. While considered a weapon of last resort, the highly corrosive gas released by these grenades has ensured victory and given Krieg regiments their sinister reputation.[1b][1c]

Engineers are also issued and trained to use a wide variety of tunneling and engineering equipment, from simple tools like heavy-duty cutters, pick-axes and folding shovels to seismic-augers and geo-thermic auspex gear. Detonators and detonator cords allow the use of various shaped charges, including melta-charges, for blasting out tunnels while Mole Launchers, also known as breaching torpedoes, allows engineers to attack enemy strongpoints from below. This gear is carried on each engineer through use of a simple frame in place of the standard-issue backpack.[1b][1c] In addition to personal gear the Death Korps engineers also make use of larger tunneling equipment, most famously the Hades Breaching Drill.[1]