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Death Spinner

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Eldar Death Spinner

The Death Spinner is an Eldar Monofilament gun and the ritual weapon of the Warp Spider Aspect Warriors. Often just referred to as a 'Spinner', it uses the same basic technology as weapons such as the Harlequin's Kiss and the Shadow Weaver, projecting a long thread of single-molecule chain, or monofilament wire. The weapon uses a magnetic containment field to spool the wire together and discharge it as rapidly expanding mist-like mass called a "spinner cloud". Targets within the cloud are sliced apart as the wires' own tension causes it to writhe and lash, slicing through not only exposed flesh but also seeking out gaps in their armour, where it uncoils within and liquefies their innards.[1a][2] Even Chaos Space Marines wearing Power Armour can thus be reduced to tiny pieces when enmeshed within these clouds of razor-wire.[1b]


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