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Death Wardens

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The Death Wardens are a Blood Angels Successor Chapter.[1]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Death Wardens -
Founding Chapter: Blood Angels and several Successor Chapters[1]
Founding: Third Founding[1]
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown

They are the defenders of a Shrine World, located in the Eastern Fringe, that was dedicated to the Primarch Sanguinius after he tread upon its surface during the Great Crusade. The people there religiously worship the Angel and the Death Wardens began to defend the world in M31, before the rise of the Ecclesiarchy. The Chapter now ensures that the Ecclesiarchy does not try to change the Shrine World, so that it falls in line with the Imperial Cult.[1]

The Death Wardens were created during the Third Founding and their initial members were provided by the Blood Angels, Blood Drinkers, Flesh Tearers, Angels Numinous, Angels Sanguine and the Angels Encarmine. This included a command officer taken from each Chapter, which consisted of a Chapter Master, his Sanguinary Guard, a Chief Librarian, Sanguinary High Priest, High Chaplain and a First Captain. These command officers, however, were survivors of the Horus Heresy and had knowledge of the battle for the Signus Cluster and where it was located. This knowledge soon became a secret held by the Death Wardens and by tradition it became known only to its Chapter command, except for the Mechanicus trained Master of the Forge. Though in order to keep such secrets from outsiders, such as the Inquisition, this knowledge is not written down. Instead, when a member of the command dies their body is eaten by their successor, to ensure the secrets of the Signus Cluster are passed on.[1]

Over the course of their Chapter's history, though, the Death Wardens have not always been able to collect the bodies of their dead. Should it ever occur then, that the Chapter Command consists of only a few or one survivor, the need to pass on their information becomes critical. In such instances, the survivors would have to allow themselves to be eaten by the new command that would replace them. The Chapter has attempted to bypass this high risk procedure by telling their secrets to an Aspirant, who was then sacrificed to a new member of the Chapter command. However each attempt has ended in failure and the Death Wardens' command is unsure why it has not worked. If the unthinkable happened, and the entire Chapter command with knowledge of the Signus Cluster has fallen, a final fail safe is initiated. The Master of the Forge was given instructions to wake a Dreadnought within the Death Wardens' Fortress Monastery, which contains its first Chapter Master. His partially devoured body still somehow clings to life, and when awoken he will share his knowledge to a new Chapter command.[1]


The Death Wardens were created by Wade Pryce, a Games Workshop employee who hosts The Warhammer Community Podcast and they were showcased in the podcast's 12th episode.[1]

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