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Death of Integrity

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Space Hulk; for the novel by Guy Haley, see Death of Integrity (Novel).

Death of Integrity was a Space Hulk encountered by the Imperium in M39.[1]

The hulk was heavily infested by Genestealers, provoking an assault by the Blood Drinkers, Novamarines, and Mechanicum. While the Hulk was purged of Genestealers, with the Blood Drinkers scoring a 50:1 kill ratio, Daemonic forces began to emerge. Even worse for the Imperials, the Blood Drinkers Chapter Master, Caedis, was overcome with the Black Rage and began to transform into a hideous creature. The surviving Imperial forces were forced to flee as the Death of Integrity entered the Warp, taking Caedis with it.[1]

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