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Death of Integrity

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Space Hulk; for the novel by Guy Haley, see Death of Integrity (Novel).

Death of Integrity was a Space Hulk encountered by the Imperium in M39.[1]

Many centuries old, at some point the ancient and advanced A.I./vessel Spirit of Eternity became entombed within the vessel.[1a]

The hulk was heavily infested by Genestealers, provoking an assault by the Blood Drinkers, Novamarines, and Mechanicum. While the Hulk was purged of Genestealers, with the Blood Drinkers scoring a 50:1 kill ratio, Daemonic forces began to emerge. Even worse for the Imperials, the Blood Drinkers Chapter Master, Caedis, was overcome with the Black Rage and began to transform into a hideous creature. At the center of the Hulk the Imperials found the AI aboard the Spirit of Eternity, who began attempting to attack the Imperial vessels and flee to another galaxy.[1a] The surviving Imperial forces were forced to flee as the Death of Integrity entered the Warp, taking Caedis with it.[1]

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