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Deathstorm Strike Force

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Blood Angels' Formation; for the other uses, see Deathstorm (disambiguation).

A Deathstorm Strike Force is a unit deployed by the Blood Angels Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.[1]


Typically formed when fighting enemy formations that vastly outnumbered their own, the Blood Angels designed these Strike Forces with the primary goal of combating mass infantry formations. A Deathstorm Strike Force is tasked with halting the advance of an enemy by way of using heavy automatic weapon fire which has served them well in turning back Ork hordes, Tyranid swarms and Daemonic hosts. In such encounters, these units of Blood Angels managed to hold back the large force of numbers with the sheer weight of firepower at their disposal, often a squadron of Baal Predators led by a Land Raider Crusader.[1]

This tremendous firepower is enough to shred entire battalions. It is only a brave foe that decides to stand up to these Blood Angels and it is usually the last thing they ever do.[1]