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Deathwatch: The Nemesis Incident

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Deathwatch: The Nemesis Incident
The Nemesis Incident Cover.jpg
Released 2011, March
Pages 8

Deathwatch: The Nemesis Incident is a supplement for the Deathwatch Core Rulebook. It details events experienced by the Storm Wardens during the Age of Apostasy, chronicled in-game as a text known as the Liber Tempest, as well as information for creating one's own events for Chapters.

It was provided for free as a PDF by Fantasy Flight Games.


  • The Nemesis Incident
  • Chapter Mysteries
  • Credits


  • Lead Developer
Ross Watson
  • Written by
Andy Hoare
  • Proofreading
Mack Martin
  • Graphic Design
Kevin Childress
  • Cover Art
Zach Graves
  • Interior Art
Matt Bradbury, Simon Eckert and Peter Wocken
  • Art Direction
Andrew Navaro
  • Production Manager
Eric Knight
  • Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka
  • Executive Game Producer
Michael Hurley
  • Publisher
Christian T. Petersen
  • Games Workshop
  • Licensing Manager
Owen Rees
  • Head of Licensing
Andy Jones
  • Head of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett

Publication Details

Product Code: DWP6