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Deathwatch (Novel)

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2drones.gif This article is about the Novel by Steve Parker; for the Novel series by C.S. Goto, see Deathwatch (Novel Series).
Artwork by Stefan Kopinski
Author Steve Parker
Publisher Black Library
Followed by Shadowbreaker
Released May 2013

Deathwatch is a Black Library novel by Steve Parker. It was published in May 2013.

The novel is the first novel-length story detailing the exploits of Kill-team Talon, featured in Parker's earlier short stories Headhunted and Exhumed.

Cover Description

When they first came together, Talon Squad were a disparate group of Space Marines from various Chapters. Under the auspice of the Deathwatch, trained in an ironclad Watch Fortress, they become a kill-team. Alien hunters, experts in xenos extermination, their first mission under the mysterious Inquisitor Sigma is a deadly one. Of all the enemies the Deathwatch face, the genestealers are amongst the fiercest, the most invidious. Led by Brother-Librarian Karras, Talon Squad must penetrate the bowels of a genestealer lair and put the abominations to the flame or face the consequences of an entire planet's extinction.[1]

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