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Deathwatch (Novel)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Novel by Steve Parker; for the Novel series by C.S. Goto, see Deathwatch (Novel Series).
Author Steve Parker
Publisher Black Library
Followed by Shadowbreaker
Released May 2013
Pages 512
Collected in Deathwatch (Anthology)

Deathwatch is a Black Library novel by Steve Parker. It was published in May 2013.

The novel is the first novel-length story detailing the exploits of Kill-team Talon, featured in Parker's earlier short stories Headhunted and Exhumed.

Cover Description

When they first came together, Talon Squad were a disparate group of Space Marines from various Chapters. Under the auspice of the Deathwatch, trained in an ironclad Watch Fortress, they become a kill-team. Alien hunters, experts in xenos extermination, their first mission under the mysterious Inquisitor Sigma is a deadly one. Of all the enemies the Deathwatch face, the genestealers are amongst the fiercest, the most invidious. Led by Brother-Librarian Karras, Talon Squad must penetrate the bowels of a genestealer lair and put the abominations to the flame or face the consequences of an entire planet's extinction.[1]

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