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Deathwatch Armoury

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This is a list of Deathwatch-specific wargear (ie. Character-specific items or other non-standard wargear).


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Source
Armourbane Missile Launcher Missile Launcher
Artifex Pattern Bolter Bolt Weapon [6]
Artificer Omnissian Axe Power Axe [2a]
Astartes anti-plant grenade Grenade [1g]
Astartes Executioner Axe Power Weapon [1h]
Astartes Power Claymore Power Weapon [1h]
Astartes Power Falchion Power Weapon [1h]
Atomizer Cannon Melta Weapon [1a]
Balefire Gun Flamer [1f]
Barrage Plasma Gun Plasma Gun [1i]
Barrage Plasma Pistol Plasma Pistol [1i]
Breaching Augur Breacher [1h]
Bulkhead Shears Close Combat Weapon [1h]
Conflagration Infernus Pistol Inferno Pistol [1f]
Conflagration Meltagun Meltagun [1f]
Cryo grenade Grenade [1g]
Deathwatch Frag Cannon
Deathwatch Shotgun Shotgun
Deathwatch Graviton Cannon Graviton gun [1a]
Dragonheart Charge Plasma Weapon [7b]
Firestorm Multi-melta Melta weapon [1f]
Guardian Bolt Pistol Bolt Pistol [1j]
Heavy Thunder Hammer Thunder Hammer
Hellfire Flamer Flamer [2a]
Hesh Pattern Bolter Bolt Weapon [1j]
Immolation Rifle Flame weapon [1f]
Infernus Heavy Bolter Heavy Bolter
Krixian Chainglaive Chainglaive [1b]
Neurostun Grenade Grenade [7b]
Onyx-class Blind Grenade Blind Grenade [7b]
Power Fist and auxiliary Meltagun Power Fist
Starfire Gatling Cannon [7a]
Techxorcism Gun [1b]
Triflame Vambrace Flamer [1d]
Vigil Spear Power Weapon/Bolter
"Ultra" Pattern Mk. IX Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle [1a]
Xenophase Blade Power Weapon

Vehicle Weapons

Name Type Notes Source
Blackstar Cluster Launcher Grenade Launcher
Blackstar Rocket Launcher Missile Launcher


Name Type Notes Source
Remembrance Shield Combat Shield [1c][1d]


Name Type Notes Source
Skull of Brantor Servo Skull [1d]


Relics and Equipment
Name Type Notes Source
Augury Malifica Auspex Scanner [1b]
Archeotech Luminator Equipment [3]
Astartes Omni-Tool Combi-Tool [2d]
Bolt Shell Sanctification Unit [7b]
Heuristic Revelator Machine Spirit [7b]
The Glorious Standard Standard [2e]
The Pleician Tome Imperial Tome Used only by Techmarines [1c]
Teleport Transponder Teleport device [7b]
Soultrawl Divinator Scanner [7b]
Suppression Stabiliser Weapon Upgrade [2f]
Vivisection Gage Only used by Techmarines and Apothecaries [1b]


Name Type Image
Corvus Blackstar Gunship
Kill-ship Warship


Name Type Notes
Artificer Bolt Cache Bolt Weapon [7b]
Blackweave Shroud [5]
The Corroded Falchion Bio-Acid Blade [1d]
Cruciform of the Crusade Aquila [2a]
Dragon's Fang [4]
Fist of Dragos Power Fist [1c]
Banebolts of Eryxia Bolter shells
Beacon Angelis beacon
Dominus Aegis shield
Eye of Abiding Bionic Eye [7b]
Gate Maker Combi-Weapon [8a]
Osseus Key Clavis
Thief of Secrets Power Sword
Tome of Ectoclades book
Mag-pulse Discharger [7b]
Neural Void [5]
Plasma Gun 438 Plasma Gun [1b]
Red Dawn Power Axe [8b]
Redemption of St. Sulech Heavy Bolter [1e]
The Righteous Fist Power Fist [2b]
Salvation of Correus Combat Blade [1e]
Shard of Bekrin Power Sword [2c]
Soul Fortress Psychic Hood [7b]
Spear of the First Vigil Vigil Spear [7b]
Watcher's Veil Power Armour [7b]
Vhorkan-Pattern Auspicator Auspicator [7b]

Psychic Abilities

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