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Deathwing (Space Hulk Expansion)

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Deathwing logo.jpg
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Designer Richard Halliwell, Jervis Johnson
Released 1990
Players 1-2
Deathwing was the first of two expansions for the 1st edition of Space Hulk.

Box Contents

  • 4 plastic Terminators
  • 8 Plastic Genestealers
  • 20 corridors and sections
  • Rulebook
  • Mission book
  • Additional counter and templates


  • Cloud Runner's Last Stand (Solo mission)
  • Broken Knife's Duty (Campaign)
    • Alarm Call
    • The Ship's Log
    • Seek and Retrieve
    • Regroup
    • C.A.T. Hunt
    • The Unknown Lifeforms

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