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Deathwing Companions

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Deathwing Companions[1]

The Deathwing Companions were the finest warriors from the Dark Angels Legion's Deathwing during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

These were warriors who were honour-bound to form the personal bodyguard of the Legion's officers. Each had taken an oath to lay down their lives before letting harm come to the one they were tasked to protect. Any among the Companions that took a death-blow meant for their charge and survived was granted the right to wear bone-white armour in recognition of their selfless devotion.[1] Commanding officers were known as Oathbreakers.[2]

The Companions were equipped with the finest artificer or Terminator[2] armour and armed as standard with either a Terranic Greatsword or Calibanite Warblade as well as Melta-Bombs, Power Fists, Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammers, Grenade Harnesses, Combi-Weapons, and Plasma Pistols[2]. They also had access to the unique the Cytheron pattern Aegis.[1]