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Decimus Androdinus Felix

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Decimus Androdinus Felix is an Ultramarines Primaris Space Marine and currently one of the newly re-established Tetrarchs of Ultramar.[1]


Felix is one of the earliest successful Primaris Space Marines created by Archdominus Cawl, having been taken as an aspirant from Laphis shortly after the Horus Heresy had ended. He would then spend thousands of years in and out of cryo sleep as he was further experimented on and slept in prolonged hypno-indoctrination. This all changed when the Primarch Roboute Guilliman was reborn and became the Lord Commander of the Imperium's forces, during the Thirteenth Black Crusade. In order to aid the Imperium in its darkest hour, the Primaris Space Marines were finally unleashed and joined the Lord Commander's Indomitus Crusade, deep into the Dark Imperium. Felix performed well in the Crusade and rose to the rank of Captain in the Primaris' Unnumbered Sons. This, however, drew the attention of Guilliman himself, who selected Felix to be his latest Equerry. To Felix's surprise though, the Lord Commander immediately made the Primaris a Captain in the Ultramarines Chapter, something Guilliman had never done with his previous Equerries. Even stranger still, Felix was made the Eleventh Captain of the Chapter, which broke the mandates laid down in the Lord Commander's own Codex Astartes.[2a]

Though these decisions would occasionally trouble Felix, he served well in his role as Equerry[2a] and after the first phase of the Indomitus Crusade was concluded, he was among the Imperium forces that Guilliman led to aid the Realm of Ultramar. Ultramar had been suffering a series of invasions known as the Plague Wars for more than a century, and after Guilliman arrived, he convened a strategic meeting with the leaders of his forces. During the meeting though, Guilliman discussed not only how they would defeat Nurgle's armies that were infesting Ultramar, but also the Realm's future. The Lord Commander stated he had made a mistake by decreasing Ultramar's size in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy and now planned to make it even larger than it once was. In order to ensure this would take place, Guilliman reinstated the rank of Tetrarch and chose Felix to be one of its members. Though Felix felt unworthy of the title, Guilliman claimed that the Captain's efforts during the Indomitus Crusade proved he had the qualities the position required. The Lord Commander also stated that he had been preparing Felix for the role ever since he chose the Captain as his Equerry. After hearing this, Felix accepted the position of Tetrarch and was given command of the world Vespastor and was charged with doing whatever was necessary to expand Ultramar's eastern territories.[2b]

He now commands from the Regia Tetrarchia on Vespastor and is referred to as the Lord of Vespator and the Eastern Marches. He is protected at all times by his Honour Guard, known as the Chosen of Vespator, and when he leaves his world, Felix does so aboard his personal Strike Cruiser, Lord of Vespator. Despite the new responsibilities and powers at his command, though, Felix does his best to follow Lord Guilliman's example in all things. Since becoming Tetrarch, he has begun to visit every Sector under his command and doing so gladdens Felix's heart, as it briefly takes him away from the politics that now dominate his life. One such visit was to Sotha, where Felix, and a small group of his Honour Guard, joined Archmagos Dominus Cawl's expedition, to explore the ruined world.[1]

During the Plague Wars Felix became a major Imperial commander but left his appointed warzone in order to meet with Guilliman aboard the Macragge's Honour. Once there, Felix expressed his disagreement with Guilliman's plan to interview a captured Daemonhost. Guilliman disregarded the advice, but nonetheless appreciated Felix's resolve and willingness to express disagreement with his actions.[3a] During the final assault on Iax he worked alongside Donas Maxim and Illiyanne Natase to battle the Death Guard. He witnessed the apparent death of Guilliman to Mortarion and the Godblight, but was reluctantly forced to withdraw as the phage spread out of control.[3b] He later met with the revived Guilliman aboard the Macragge's Honour, with the Primarch stating his intent to journey into Imperium Nihilus and bidding the Tetrarch farwell.[3c]

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