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Deep Strike

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Deep Strike is used to denote the way certain troops can arrive in battle; it can be achieved via various means. Space Marines, for example, can use drop pods or have their Terminators enter battle via teleportation. Other armies might use tunnelling, jump packs, jetpacks, or specialised drop troops, such as the Elysian Drop Troops with grav-chutes.

A deep strike may be used to great effect for dropping powerfully equipped troops directly into the enemy lines. This is extremely effective for anti-armor units with melta weapons or those with similar effect, as it allows them to close quickly into striking distance and use the short range guns. Deep striking is also a way for an entire army to deploy in some scenarios, if the army is rapidly deploying into the area or deploying straight from dropships.

Deep striking units are inaccurate when landing, so two separate units may not be able to function together as planned. This inaccuracy also creates the potential for destructive side effects. This may include landing on terrain that is dangerous, such as lava, landing in an area completely different from that which was the target, or even landing inside a solid object. There are ways to counter this, however, especially through the use of some sort of signalling device, such as a Space Marine teleport homer.


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