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Inquisitor Defay[2]

Defay was a Psyker Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord, who attended the Triumph of Thracian and fell to Heresy after investigating the Chaos taint on Nicodemus. There Defay and his acolyte Gravier discovered that the corruption lay within the noble bloodline of House Matheldas. With the aid of Nicodemus' Cardinal Sarthos, they succeeded in destroying the tainted House, but it was soon revealed that the Cardinal himself, was part of the corrupt Matheldas bloodline. This led Defay and Gravier to kill the now revealed Heretic Cardinal, but Sarthos' death unleashed the Daemon that had long ago possessed him. Defay was forced to destroy the Daemon using his psychic powers, but the Inquisitor feared that in doing so, he had been corrupted by Chaos' taint. This caused Defay to immediately flee, leaving Interrogator Gravier behind and then cut off contact with the Inquisition[1a]. When Gravier began to search for his master, the Inquisition intervened and assigned him, as an Interrogator to Inquisitor Reiker, who had been charged with finding Defay. Their search led them to Sepulchris, where they confronted Defay as he was investigating how to open a Warp gate on the world. Ultimately though, Gravier's loyalty to his former master won out and Reiker was killed in the battle that followed. But by then, Defay had fallen to Heresy and he then killed Gravier, before opening the Warp portal[1b]. What became of Defay after this though, is not known.[1a]

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