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Defence of Hyth

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The Defence of Hyth took place in 994.M41.[1]

Space Marines of the Eagle Warriors Chapter answered a distress call from the city of Hyth, shortly before all communications were smothered by a splinter hive fleet. Though unable to reach the city itself to prepare a robust defence, they deployed on the plain before it, in the path of the ravening swarm, to unleash the full firepower of their Stormravens, Centurion Squads and Dreadnoughts. The Eagle Warriors’ efforts held back an incessant tide of Genestealers, and the Devastator Centurions eliminated the more severe threat of Haruspexes and Harpies before they were able to cause the devastation expected of them. After many weeks, victory was secured, preventing Hyth, and the planet, from succumbing to the Hive Fleet.[1]