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Defence of Miral II

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The Defence of Miral II took place in 997.M41.[1]

Ordered to hold the world of Miral II against the onset of Hive Fleet Leviathan, 1st Company Captain Lysander of the Imperial Fists Chapter requested Captain Tor Garadon's 3rd Company be assigned to his battle group. The old comrades fortified Miral II for the coming attack with mines and strongpoints. When the Tyranids arrived, Tactical and Devastator Squads rained fire on the swarms while Lysander's 1st Company Veterans bolstered the line wherever the Tyranids were breaking through.[1]

Though the Imperium predicted the Imperial Fists would not hold out for more than 6 days, they fought on and defeated the Tyranids after 7 days of fighting.[1]