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Deii’Sh’thuhl, also known as The Whispering Blade, is a Daemon Weapon of Slaanesh.[1]


An ancient tale of the Koronus Expanse talks of two reaver captains whose endlessly escalating conflict of countless depravity in Slaanesh’s name drove them both to ruin. Each transformed his raiding fleets into pleasure dens and enticing torture chambers as the captains crafted new perfections of mass sacrifices and wrought cunning devices of exquisite agonies. Both were finally granted Ascension, yet still their rivalry endured. When one crafted a blade hewn from a single glittering turquoise crystal, it was hailed as an impossibly precise work of art. The other Daemon Prince refused to admit he had been finally beaten, and poured his essence into it, intentionally possessing the blade to steal the other’s victory. The blade’s creator, refusing to destroy his work, cast the blade into the Vortex. Now capable only of whispering to those foolish enough to pick him up, the Daemon inside suffers the price of his victory in the silence of his cold crystal prison.