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Delaque (Xenos Species)

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The Delaque are an extinct aquatic Xenos species that existed on Necromunda long before the world was claimed by humans.[1]


In Necromunda's ancient history, it was covered in oceans and was filled with aquatic monsters. Some of these creatures were so grand, that the world's lesser sentient Xenos species worshiped them as gods. The Delaque were among them and they called these grand monsters the Silent Ones. After thousands of years, however, an unknown calamity caused Necromunda's oceans to be swallowed by the world. This caused the world's lesser species to begin dying off and even the Silent Ones felt their death approaching. The Delaque though, were not content to let themselves or their Gods die. They discovered as Necromunda's oceans sank, great underground seas were created close to the world's core. Being more cunning than most of Necromunda's species, the Delaque sought to save the Silent Ones by building a city for them in the underground seas. As their world died around them, the Delaque completed the city and then saw the Silent Ones to their slumber within it. Afterwards, they returned to Necromunda's drying surface and made their own plans for achieving immortality. They would succeed by creating the psychic Psychoterica devices, which held their gestalt consciousness. The Psychoterica were also linked to the minds of the Silent Ones and many of the devices were created. Each, though, still shared a link to the Delaque and Silent Ones. Then with their goals complete, the Delaque and all of Necromunda's sentient species died.[1]

Millions of years passed, until humans discovered Necromunda and set foot upon its surface. The saw a world worth colonizing and were oblivious that it once held, oceans and sentient species. This would begin the rise of the current age of Necromunda and Hive Primus would be built over the slumbering Silent Ones' city. Thousands of years later, the Imperium would claim the world during the Great Crusade. Then in 876.M36, a plague of dream sickness struck Necromunda, after the rogue world Somnus closely passed its orbit. Some speculate that Somnus's passing weakened the veil of reality to the Warp, where the sickness could have come from. The dream sickness caused the infected to see visions and they began to hear voices when they were awake. This led a small number of Hive Primus's population to eventually leave their homes and travel to its Underhive. They did so to find something there, and when at last the plague went away, a whole group of infected people had gathered together. Though they had all come from various stations in life, it felt as if they somehow all knew each other. They eventually found the Psychoterica and were forever changed, as they became permanently linked to the Delaque's gestalt consciousness. In the years to come, they would be joined by thousands of others who had seen the dream sickness's visions as well. These people eventually became House Delaque, and the visions that brought them to the Psychoterica had been sent across time and space by the original Delaque Xenos. Somehow a form of House Delaque's true history became known outside of the House as the tale of the Drowned Empire. According to the end of the tale, when the time is right, House Delaque will travel to the city of their gods and finally awaken the Silent Ones. However, to those who hear the story, it is just one of the many possible origins that Necromunda's population has given to the mysterious Delaque.[1]

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