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Lord Militant Delayni was a general officer of Warmaster Slaydo's Crusade force during the early years of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[1a]

After the initial success of Operation Redrake, several of the fleeing Chaos forces re-grouped into opportunistic raiding parties, several of which struck vulnerable supply depots and shipping lanes behind the line of the Imperial advance. Slaydo was so irked by these forces that he tasked General Delayni with hunting them down.[1a]

Somewhat unusually for an Imperial Guard officer, Delayni was receptive to the advice of the Navy officers assigned to his task force, which led to several successes, including annihilating raider squadrons off Long Halent in 757.M41, Gotthrone in 758, and Venady and Urus in 760, the last of which destroyed the notorious warlord Pater Burbethol.[1a]

During the Battle of Balhaut, Delayni was the next senior officer in line to take command at Balopolis after General Curell was incapacitated and his two immediate successors, Marshal Bernz and General Korshen were both killed, but could not reach the theatre in time, which allowed Curell's deputy, Commander Macaroth, to take command.[1b]