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Delvarus' Warshape[3]

Delvarus was a Centurion of the World Eaters during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. He later became Warchief of the Riven and joined the Black Legion.


Delvarus was born on Novus Principa,[2d] a Jungle World conquered by the World Eaters Legion in the earliest decades of the Great Crusade.[1f] He gained a reputation for being undefeatable in the Legion's fighting pits[1a] and when paired with Sigismund of the Imperial Fists, the two won every fight to first blood in less than half a minute.[1d] During the Ghenna Massacre most of Delvarus' squad was wiped out, including his Captain Barca. Delvarus, though a mere sergeant, was able to hold his own against the hordes of enemies.[4]

Delvarus commanded the 44th Company Triarii, the 500 ship-to-ship boarding specialists of the Legion charged with protecting the Conqueror. Despite this duty, he often participated in planetary assaults.[1b] After an unsanctioned planetary drop that left the Conqueror exposed to boarding by the Ultramarines above Armatura,[1c] Delvarus was shot by Captain Lotara Sarrin and confined to his quarters.[1e] When he was released, he was forced to fight twenty-six third blood duels, contrary to the normal limit of eight pit fights, before being humiliated when Kargos spared his life in a sanguis extremis duel.[1f]

By the end of the Heresy, Delvarus had become possessed.[3]

Delvarus went on to lead the Riven,[2d] a brutal warband of Secondborn. He and the Riven joined the Black Legion[2a] and became the guardians of the Vengeful Spirit.[2b] He was killed in the First Battle of Cadia by Thagus Daravek during a boarding action on the Vengeful Spirit.[2c]

Appearance and Wargear

Delvarus had dark skin and long, black hair - one of the few World Eaters who did not shave his head, despite the discomfort when wearing a helm. He had iron teeth and wielded a Meteor Hammer.[1f]

After possession, he was blinded by black cataracts, though his other senses were enhanced,[2b] and his warshape had wings and a crown of horns.[2c]