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Demetrios was a Chaplain of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter, shortly before the fall of Sotha. He was part of the crusade force originally sent to liberate the reliquary world of Egottha in 990.M41, and appeared to be subservient to Reclusiarch Hornindal.[1]

When the Xenophon was attacked by Tyranids, it was Demetrios who called the Scythes to battle, under instruction from Hornindal, and witnessed the sergeants' final battle-oaths. He was last known to be leading the members of Sergeant Certes's squad in a desperate counter-assault, before the ship was lost to the xenos boarders.[1]

Demetrios was known to be aggressive and hateful, and had a reputation for being less than kind to the Chapter's serfs. Milus Ogden noted that he carried an "ever-present threat of violence'.[1]

He wore a skull-faced helm as part of his power armour, and carried a Rosarius and Crozius Arcanum.[1]