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Demetrius Katafalque

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Demetrius Katafalque was a Captain in the Imperial Fists Legion during the Horus Heresy.[1][2]

During the extensive fortification of the Imperial Palace, in preparation for the Traitor Legions' inevitable attack, Katafalque was ordered by Rogal Dorn to command a sub-orbital platform ferrying workers and construction supplies to the building site. This unfortunately brought him into conflict with the Adeptus Custodes, who had not been informed of the arrival and considered the platform's presence a threat to the Emperor's safety. Neither side would back down, and the Custodes conducted a hostile boarding action of the platform, but Katafalque gave his men strict orders not to open fire on the Custodes. Eventually, an intervention by the Sisters of Silence allowed the incident to be dismissed as a simple misunderstanding, but both the Imperial Fists and the Custodes saw it as an ominous sign of the kind of confusion that could give the Traitors an opening in a crucial moment.[1]

Katafalque took part in the Battle for Terra, where he defended the Palace from the attacking Traitor Legions. He would survive the Heresy and during the Second Founding, Demetrius was chosen by Dorn to be the first Master of the Excoriators Chapter.[2]

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