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Demolition charge

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A Catachan Jungle Fighter armed with a demolition charge.

The demolition charge is a short-range explosive carried primarily by the Imperial Guard.


It is effective simply because of its strength but has a dangerously short range (as far as a person can throw it). This limitation makes it just as dangerous for the attacker as it is for the defender.[1]

"Demo charges" are primarily used as anti-personnel weapons, although the power of the typical explosive charge can damage or destroy tanks and fortifications. A standard-type charge looks similar to a flattened cylinder and weighs around two kilos and detonates upon impact after being activated and thrown. Its lethality sphere is supposed to be around twenty metres.[2] Demolition charges are not always standardised, however, and often are actually improvised in the field. As a result, there are numerous variances in weight, appearance and detonation method. A common improvised demolition charge is simply a group of tube-charges taped together and set off remotely by wire or timed det-tape.[Needs Citation]

Guardsmen who volunteer to carry a demolition charge are authorised to request better food and ration allowances.[2]