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Demolition Man

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Dossier picture of 'Demolition Man'[1]

Demolition Man's real name is unknown, and much of his past classified or lost prior to his becoming a member of the 13th Penal Legion. What is known is that he was an enlisted member of the Imperial Guard, prior to being caught red-handed attempting to jimmy open his regimental commander's private drink cabinet.[1]

Sentenced to the penal colony of Rael's World for his crime it is a testament to Colonel Schaeffer's resourcefulness and Demolition Man's pure skill that he ended up in the "Last Chancers." An expert in the field of explosives, Demolition Man's talents do not end there. Despite what his failed attempt at "re-purposing" his colonel's liquor may imply, Demolition Man is a skilled locksmith, and there is not a security system known that he can not eventually bypass.[1]

Demolition Man is armed with a lasgun, melta bombs and one demolition charge.[1]


This Demolition Man should not be confused with Oynas Trost, the former Officio Sabatorum agent.[2]