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Dennis Gladiomanus

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Sir Dennis Gladiomanus is a Knight of House Curtana who took part in the successful defense of his Homeworld, Karastus, when it was invaded by the Waaagh! of Grimgutz da 'Orrible. He is also known as being a tactful orator and it was this skill that led Dennis to be selected by his House to greet an Adeptus Mechanicus delegation from Mars when it arrived on Karastus. It was hoped that an agreement between Mars and House Curtana could be secured, which would allow the Household to obtain better materials and technology for their Sacristans. Though Dennis ultimately could not get the delegation to reach an agreement, he chose to leave with them in the hope that by spending more time with the Adeptus Mechanicus, they would be able to later agree to a more fruitful trade agreement for his Household.[1]

To House Curtana's dismay, however, Dennis has now been gone for over 500 years, during which time his Knight Warden Fortitude has been seen fighting alongside the Skitarii of Mars. His Household believes that Dennis died long ago and have constantly appealed to Mars for the return of his Knight-suit, but have been told by the Forge World that he still lives and has chosen to stay fighting beside them. Though Dennis's ultimate fate is unknown to his Household, the continued war efforts of his Knight Warden have allowed House Curtana to maintain excellent trade relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1]

Dennis Gladiomanus