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Detectives, sometimes referred to as Detective-Arbitrators are specialist Arbitrator officers of the Adeptus Arbites.

Wearing red collars to mark them from their peers, Arbites precincts frequently train Detectives in an array of esoteric knowledge. They are tech specialists capable of using computer matrices to apprehend criminals and often work as the eyes and ears of standard Arbites detachments. Often having access to some of the information gathered by local Inquisitors and Astropaths, Detectives are known to no issue employing outright agent-provocateurs to stir up trouble in order to lure out and apprehend criminal elements. Arbites who transfer into Detectives often use their old rank and position as a cover so that they can blend in with Arbites operations and not give away their presence. Beyond their red collars, Detectives have no distinct uniform of their own.[1]


  • Detective-Espionist: Preside over webs of spies, information, and agent-provocateurs.[1]
  • Detective Surveillor: Specialize in stalking and observing either lawbreakers or suspected lawbreakers and are apt with all kinds of technical devices.[1]

Notable Detectives