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Ork "Dethdeala" Battleship[1]

The Deathdeala is an Ork Battleship that is thought to be one of the oldest ships of its size, having been around for at least 30 years before the Third Armageddon War. Originally the flagship of Warboss Urgutz Dregrak, it launched a bombardment before Dregrak's landing on Armageddon, though it did as much damage to Dregrak's rivals - especially to Ghazghkull's own warbands - as it did to the planet's Imperial defenders.[1]

After Dregrak's landing, it didn't take long for rival Deathskulls allied with Herman von Strab to teleport aboard the Dethdeala and massacre its crew, stranding Dregrak on the planet. After this change of hands, the Dethdeala quickly faded from prominence in the war.[1]

The Dethdeala was quite the prize for its new owners. Though normally slow and ungainly, it was capable of surprising bursts of speed, and it carried the immense firepower and armour that was typical of its kind. Foremost among that firepower is a Bombardment cannon.[1]


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